Planned Nazi March on the 2nd of April in Berlin Hellersdorf

160402.1On the 2nd of April Nazis and Racists are planning another march through the district. Their slogan – „Safety instead of Fear“.
Currently they’re only mobilizing through the Facebook-Page „Citizens’s Movement Marzahn-Hellersdorf“, but the first invocations online give reason to assume that there will be a way bigger Demonstration. In the Facebook-Event they’re refering to a telephone information line and a investigation panel.

Alongside Nazis there are a lot of Racists reading and commenting on this page, which are not (yet) part of the organized Naziscene. Due to their hunt against Refugees, the spreading of lies regarding crimes committed by „Strangers“ and the fueling of „fear“ of a „foreign infiltration“ of Marzahn-Hellersdorf and even Germany, they find many supporters beyond the scene.
Numerous organisers of the demonstration are sozializing with militant Nazi groups. So it is to be expected that for collaboration a wide number of supporters of NPD (National Democratic Pary of Germany), Die Rechte (the right), Dritte Weg (the third way), as well as free forces will be arriving nationwide.
There are also many „concerned“ citizens from the years 2013/14, that are not shy to march with organized rightists. After Marzahn being the center of Nazi marches and right-wing rallies last year, the demonstration is to start at the U-Bahn station Hellersdorf.
In addition to the already prevalent Racism in the district, it was announced this week that 8 more accommodations for refugees will be located in Marzahn-Hellersdorf in the months ahead. The Racists and Nazis will use this for their daily propaganda for the march.
Thanks to the relatively early announcement by the Nazis, for the first time in a while we will have a little more time to organize a worthy counterdemonstration.
We‘re not going to allow that Nazis march in hundreds through the district and will lay a clear marker against racist Refugee-Baiting!


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